Failure to comply costs lives!


Health and safety compliance is hugely important for all businesses. Put simply, without it, your employees are at risk. They should arrive at work each morning knowing measures are in place to keep them safe and away from risks or danger. 

We recently heard of the tragic story about two people very sadly losing their lives, business owners going to jail and a business in liquidation because of non-compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act. This goes to show how devastating the consequences of failing to comply with health and safety compliance can be. 

Gavin Rawson and Nathan Walker who worked for a food waste company sadly died after being overcome by carbon dioxide fumes and drowning in a tanker of pig feed. 

The company has rightfully been in ruins since this tragic accident and is now in liquidation. It faced a two million pound fine, and a manager and co-owner received prison sentences and suspensions after it was found that they had failed to provide adequate breathing equipment and ladders – which ultimately had fatal consequences. 

Not only does this case demonstrate how much of an impact neglecting these vital requirements can have on businesses, it is a bleak example as to why these laws and standards are in place – to prevent the most severe of losses.

Complying to Health and Safety laws saves lives and as a business owner it is hugely important you understand the different industry standards within the family of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety.

Your employees’ health and safety should take precedence over all else as a business owner. To ensure you’re providing the safe working environment your employees are entitled to, Hantec Systems are on hand to help. Please get in touch: