Last updated: September 2023

  1. I hereby give authorisation for Hantec Systems to conduct the required checks on the Applicant.
  2. I confirm that we have offered the named person conditional employment and authorise Hantec Systems to approach the applicant’s present employer.
  3. I understand that Hantec Systems will not process the Police check on our behalf as it is ultimately our responsibility.
  4. I understand that Limited security screening will only be conducted where the date of receipt at Hantec Systems of all documents is before the Relevant Employment Start Date.
  5. I authorise Hantec Systems to communicate directly with the Applicant, where necessary, to obtain further information and/or verify information given in the Application Form.
  6. I have paid by automatic bank transfer (or similar) into the bank of Hantec Systems.
    • Sort Code 55-81-26Account
    • Number 89097440.
  7. I acknowledge that the fee is non-returnable.
  8. I understand that all information given will be held in the strictest confidence and that Hantec Systems are registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 – Registration Number ZA018393.
  9. I confirm that seen the original identification documents supplied.
  10. I confirm that I have checked the application form for completeness and acknowledge that failure to do so may delay the screening process.