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Top tips for lowering risk to sell your business


If you are considering selling your business, there are things that need to be put into place to ensure you reap the full benefits of your years of hard work. You will also want the business to continue to flourish in the hands of someone else, so it is very important that your business is in the best possible condition for sale. 

When preparing to sell, it is essential you make the business as attractive as it can be to a potential buyer. We recommend doing this by lowering its risk profile, which will in turn increase its value.

 Take a look at Paul’s top tips to reduce your risk profile: 

  1. Cultivate high quality people in your organisation and empower them to deliver first-class customer service.
  2. Improve the finances and reduce waste. This will improve cash flow and profitability.
  3. Develop and streamline repeatable processes that consistently deliver a first-class product.
  4. Stand out from your competitors.
  5. Create a strategic plan for continued sustainable growth.
  6. Create an exceptional experience for your customers and your people, both will not want to leave.

In addition to lowering your risk profile, we highly recommend investing in robust management operating systems. This is a very important step in achieving an efficient, successful and thriving business – one that would sell very easily!

ISO management systems are more than just a certificate on the wall, they are the foundations of every great organisation. 

Investing in ISOs can achieve the following: 

  •  Reduce waste and costs
  • Increase profitability and revenue
  • Access new markets and raise brand awareness
  • Comply with legal responsibilities and reduce risk
  • Increase brand trust
  • Improve customer and staff retention
  • Improve brand and employee protection

Reducing your risk profile and investing in management systems are not five minute fixes. Following these tips over a sustained period will put your business in an excellent position when it is time to sell.  

If you would like help with preparing your business to sell, please get in touch here.